Based on the survey responses, here are three types of risk assessment reports along with example reports for low, medium, and high-risk levels. Additionally, best practice recommendations and sales packages with cybersecurity solutions are included:

Low Risk Assessment Report:

Example Low Risk Assessment Report:

Summary: The organization demonstrates a strong cybersecurity posture with well-documented policies, regular training, and robust security measures.

Recommendations: Continuously monitor and update security controls, conduct periodic vulnerability assessments and penetration testing, and enhance incident response capabilities.

Sales Package: Good

Cybersecurity Solutions:

  • Security awareness training program
  • Firewall management and monitoring service
  •  Security incident response planning and support
  • Medium Risk Assessment Report:

Medium Risk Assessment Report:

Summary: The organization has implemented some cybersecurity measures, but there are areas that require improvement, such as patch management and incident response planning.

Recommendations: Enhance patch management processes, conduct regular vulnerability assessments and penetration testing, and develop a comprehensive incident response plan.

Sales Package: Better

  •  Cybersecurity Solutions:
  •  Comprehensive vulnerability management program
  • Network and system monitoring with threat intelligence
  • Incident response plan development and tabletop exercises

Risk Assessment Report:

Summary: The organization has significant gaps in cybersecurity practices, including the lack of documented policies, weak access controls, and inadequate incident response capabilities.

Recommendations: Develop and implement cybersecurity policies and procedures, strengthen access controls with multi-factor authentication, and establish a robust incident response plan with regular testing.

Sales Package: Best

  • Cybersecurity Solutions:
  • Virtual Chief Information Security Officer (vCISO) services
  • Security policy and procedure development
  •  Security awareness training for employees
  • Security incident response planning, implementation, and support

These reports provide an overview of the risk level, highlight areas for improvement, and suggest best practice recommendations. The sales packages offer cybersecurity solutions tailored to the organization’s risk level, ranging from a good package for low-risk scenarios to a comprehensive best package for high-risk situations.

Additional Add-Ons (for all risk levels):

  • Security assessment and auditing services
  •  Data loss prevention solutions
  •  Encryption and data protection services
  •  Employee phishing simulation and training
  • Regulatory compliance assistance

Remember to customize the reports, best practice recommendations, and sales packages based on your specific offerings and the needs of your prospects.

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