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Security Awareness Training

Do you provide regular cybersecurity awareness training to your employees?

Network Security

Do you have an up-to-date firewall in place to protect your network?

Access Control

Do you enforce strong password policies and use multi-factor authentication?

Vendor Management

Do you have a process to assess the cybersecurity posture of your third-party vendors?

Business Continuity

Do you have a well-defined and tested business continuity plan in case of a cyber incident?

Physical Security

Do you have measures to secure your physical assets and sensitive data storage?

Cloud Services

Do you use cloud services to store and process data?

Compliance Requirements

Are you subject to any industry-specific regulations or compliance standards?

Security Incident Reporting

Do you have a procedure for employees to report potential security incidents?

Cybersecurity Policies and Procedures

Do you have fully documented and regularly updated cybersecurity policies and procedures in place?

Incident Response Plan

Do you have a well-defined and tested incident response plan to handle cybersecurity incidents?

Data Protection

Do you encrypt all sensitive data at rest and in transit?

Patch Management

Do you have a process to regularly update and patch your systems and applications?

Incident History

Have you experienced any significant cybersecurity incidents or breaches in the past 12 months?

Data Backup and Recovery

Do you have regular data backups in place?

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

Do you allow employees to use personal devices for work purposes?

Security Testing and Assessments

Have you conducted any penetration testing, vulnerability assessments, or security audits in the past 12 months?

Employee Access and Permissions

Do you have a process to grant and revoke employee access based on roles?

Disaster Recovery Plan

Do you have a disaster recovery plan to ensure business continuity in case of a disaster?
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